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Considering creating a totally custom recognition award? Then you’ve come to the right place. The following article provides examples of custom awards and discusses cost, branding options, and materials. Keep reading to discover the many ways to make an award stand out from the rest. There are also many benefits to having a totally customized Award and Trophies for your business. Listed below are some of the reasons why. You’ll be amazed at how much more personal and unique your recognition award will be.

Examples of custom recognition awards

Among the many options for totally custom recognition awards is the awarding of real products. These can be engraved or shaped like crystals. Some can be as unique as a make-up compact and are perfect for celebrating the signing of a lease agreement. Similarly, custom acrylic awards can incorporate an actual product, such as a customized pen stand or paperweight. These types of award are not only unique, but they will enhance the identity of the organization and the recipients.

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When creating a recognition award for employees, consider the company’s mission and values. If your company values are important to its mission, your recipients should incorporate those values into their everyday work. The award recipient will also benefit from acting as an anchor for the team during difficult times. Listed below are some examples of totally custom recognition awards for your business. You can also consider making an award for the employee who has worked for your business for over a decade.

Materials that can be used to create them

There are several different types of materials that can be used to create a totally custom recognition award. Each one has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, including sourcing costs and weight. Understanding these factors will help you make a better decision. Metals are often the most popular material for award-making because they are extremely affordable and flexible. Copper and zinc alloys are particularly attractive materials for post-production. Pewter is a softer metal, which makes it ideal for detailed designs. However, metals are typically heavy and require more work.

There are a variety of metals that are available for award-making. Various types of metals are available, ranging from copper to steel. Both metal and wood can be customized, and you can choose any type of engraving or decorative seals you’d like. The choice of material is up to you, but remember that a more expensive material usually means higher quality. Therefore, if you’re concerned about budget or timeline, metals and wood are excellent options.

Cost of creating them

If you have never ordered an award before, you may be wondering how much it costs to create a completely customized one. The good news is that this process isn’t as complicated as it sounds! With just a few simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to receiving a custom-designed award for your company. Here are some things to consider when calculating the cost of creating totally custom recognition awards:

Trophy prices vary wildly. Some awards are only available for special occasions, such as a championship game. Others can be used as employee recognition awards and range in price from about $5 to $5k. Whether or not a trophy is right for your organization depends on the type and complexity of the award. Some of these awards can be totally custom-made and even have a custom-made inscription or design. The cost of creating a trophy varies according to its complexity, so it’s important to ask your employee-recognition award supplier about the costs involved.

Branding options

Branding options for totally customized recognition awards can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. When designing an award, consider the event’s atmosphere, and the kind of impression you want to give to the recipient. For example, a sports event might call for bronze awards, column and marble trophies, or cup and bowl trophies. In a corporate environment, you might opt for acrylic, glass, or sculpture trophies.

While you may not be able to get the exact same logo on your award, you can easily recreate it using a variety of materials and techniques. Crystal panels, for example, can be used to reproduce the Withum logo. The finished pieces are sleek and striking. Sometimes, a certain color is so recognizable that you can clone its brand colors using a Pantone Matching System. There are so many possibilities for branding a totally custom award that you’re bound to find a winner!

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